Neopren Lunch Bag


  • KEEPS IT FRESH: Our 4 mm thick insulated tote means your food will be kept hoter or cooler for longer, so fresher for you! Premium stitching means it will last
  • HANDY: Use the removable belt to carry it on your shoulder if you need to keep your hand free
  • COMPACT: This amazing design lays flat and compact if you need to pack it whilst being able to carry a lot of volume when opened
  • MORE FOOD: Don’t miss out on your snacks, this Larger than average Neoprene Lunch box bag will carry a full lunch plus snacks
  • FASHIONABLE: The sporty fabric and zip detail makes this an attractive as well as functional bag, great for men or women alikeĀ BUY HERE

neoprene lunch bag insulated

Whether you’re trying to be healthy or saving the cents, this extra thick lunch bag is just what you need to carry a healthy homemade lunch on the go. Take it to the office, the park, a picnic or travelling. It folds flat so easy to pack. Just fill it up and it expands to the shape of your lunch boxes. Our bag helps you live an eco friendly life as it’s reusable so no more throwing away plastic bags or brown paper bags. It looks smart and you’ll be proud to take it into work. With a chunky cool zipper, premium stitching, large size with a removable strap this really is the handy lunch tote of choice. It’s machine washable too. BUY FROM AMAZON